The Brochure outlines EPIC-N’s functionality, Model, and mission, as well as a selection of case stories and resources. EPIC-N suggests using the Brochure and an informational tool for yourself and when presenting the EPIC-Network to colleagues and interested parties. 

We have several versions of the Brochure:

Additional resources:


An interested individual can use these brochures as an informational tool for themselves, or as a selling point for university colleagues. For example:

  • An interested individual can read the Brochure to learn more about EPIC-N, the EPIC Model, example Project Stories, and Partnerships throughout the Network.
  • A university leader interested in the EPIC Model can present the Brochure to their colleagues as a selling point to gain support in their membership.
  • A community leader could use the Community Partnership Case Stories document to explore various projects done by EPIC-N programs for inspiration on their own projects.

How To Access

To access the Brochure:

  1.  Go to the EPIC-N website
  2. Click on the Resources icon near the top of the page
  3. Click on “Downloadable Brochure, Stories , and membership details.” , 
  4. Download the file


“Working with an organization like EPIC-N really allows us to see real change at the community level and to tap into what the communities might need”
-Lis Bernhardt, United Nations Environmental Programme