The EPIC-N Toolbox offers a variety of resources that help members save time and energy in their community engagement efforts.

The following resources are included in the EPIC-N Toolbox:

  • Communication promotional materials
  • Evaluation tools
  • Funding & expenses
  • MOU and scopes of work examples
  • Report writing
  • EPIC-N logo files
  • SDG resources
  • Project tracking information
  • Job descriptions
  • Event planning materials
  • Guidelines for participating students and faculty
  • Program management tools
  • Requests for proposals
  • Sample student deliverables
  • Strategic planning examples


EPIC-N  members can use the resources provided in the toolbox for a variety of ways. For example, members can: 

  • find template MOU’s for drafting
  • use project tracking templates
  • use the EPIC-N logo to identify as part of the EPIC Network
  • find example communications materials to promote their program
  • learn about SDG 360 thinking and implementation
  • write up job descriptions from examples provided
  • identify funding opportunities
  • find program evaluation resources

How to Access

  1. Go to the EPIC-N website
  2. Sign into the Member Commons
  3. Click on “Toolbox
  4. Follow the EPIC-N Toolbox Google drive link


“This is a great program, and I really hope it continues. I think it is a positive model for how we can integrate community-based participatory action and research concepts into the classroom, which was recently suggested could have the potential to increase diversity in fields such as engineering.”
– EPIC-N Member


EPIC-N is committed to continuous improvement and providing quality resources to our members. If you have recently used this benefit of EPIC-N membership, please complete this quick form.