One element of the EPIC Model is to evaluate the community/university partnership and its outcomes. As part of EPIC-N membership, members receive Qualtrics licenses, free of charge, for evaluation and support of all aspects of program performance. Qualtrics is a cloud-based platform widely used for organizational management, research, and evaluation. It enables users to conduct surveys and polls and to garner feedback using a variety of distribution means. The evaluation results can be statistically analyzed and viewed in online and downloadable reports. This license also allows you to share your evaluation tools and reports and collaborate with other users. If your university already has a Qualtrics license, you can still export EPIC-N surveys to collect data within your institution’s platform.


Qualtrics is a tool that programs can use for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Program Managers can use the Qualtrics Survey tool to evaluate student and faculty experience and community satisfaction with EPIC-N Projects.
  • Program Managers can then use the feedback from these surveys to create reports that can be presented to university and community leaders.
  • Program Managers can use feedback from Qualtrics surveys to improve upon program functionalities.

How To Access

To request Qualtrics

  1. Open the EPIC-N website
  2. Click on “Member Commons” on the top right of your screen
  3. Log in or create an account
  4. Click on “Request Support” in the upper right corner
  5. Fill out a request specifying your interest in using EPIC-N’s Qualtrics resources
  6. Wait for a response from our support team


“The Qualtrics platform has really helped us up our game when it comes to program evaluation,” says Teri Thomson Randall, Program Manager for the Livable City Year program at the University of Washington. “Prior to using the Qualtrics evaluation tools, we used Microsoft Office Word documents to make surveys and asked our faculty and community partners to fill them out. It was a cumbersome process, but with the Qualtrics tools and with EPIC-N’s support, we’ve been able to optimize our evaluation processes.”
– Teri Thomson Randall, Program Manager

“EPIC-N has some great templates to start with on Qualtrics. Definitely take those. What’s been great when working with Marshall and the EPIC team on that is we have the flexibility to customize the questions and make a survey that worked for our program but also contributed to a bigger picture.”
-Steve Russell, Former Program Manager

Learn more about EPIC-N’s Qualtrics and assessment resources.

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